Advanced Power Electronics

Advanced Power Electronics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Griepentrog

Course Cycle: every WS


At first switching power supplies will be presented as an addition to the circuits known from Power Electronics I. The simplification of using ideal switches is given up, and the real behaviour of semiconductors is introduced. Beginning with semiconductor basics the explanations proceed to diodes, bipolar transistors, thyristors, GTO's, MOSFET's and finally IGBT's. Following on, important circuits for switching real semiconductors with reduced losses are presented, beginning with commutation circuits for thyristors, continuing with snubber circuits and quasi-resonant circuits ending up with resonant converters.

Prerequisites (necessary knowledge):
Power Electronics ( Part I)

Relevant Literature:
the same as in Power Electronics I

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The script is made available online through moodle.


Danil Drozhzhin, M.Sc.