Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Instructors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Jürgen Griepentrog; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Hinrichsen; Benjamin Baum; Maike Bröker; Martin Hannig; Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Heinz; Illia Manushyn

Event type: Lecture

Org-unit: FB18 Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Displayed in timetable as: EE and IT


Crediting for:

Hours per week: 3

Language of instruction: Englisch

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Euler’s formula, plane of complex numbers, variables of electrical engineering, vector and rotating fields, Coulombs law, Maxwell relation, electrical displacement density, Gauss theorem, capacity, inductivity, operational amplifier, non-linear parts, electric induction, law of refraction, theorem of Kirchhoff, Ohm’s law, periodic and non-periodic processes, transfer locus, power calculation, transformers, transmission line equations, travelling waves, Fourier series and transformation


Illia Manushyn, M.Sc.