Application, Simulation and Control of Power Electronic Systems

Application, Simulation and Control of Power Electronic Systems


In an introductory meeting topics according to power electronics and control of drives are given to the students. If you are interessted in participating in the porject seminar, please contact Alexander Sauer, M.Sc. via E-Mail until 06.04.2018. During the seminary problems can be treated concerning the following topics:

Simulation of power electronic systems plus analysis and evaluation of the models

Implementing and startup of power electronic systems, test stand development plus measurement of characteristic parameters

Modeling and simulation in the field of control of electrical drives

Implementing and startup of controlled drive systems

Suggested topics from the students are welcome

In the second week of lectures a three day workshop is conducted in accordance to the project participants. Besides learning basics in project management the workshop is used to structure the own project, define a measureable result (including a test scenario for the project acceptance) and to create a time schedule. The time schedule is the basis to conduct the project in a planned manner and also to discuss the current state with the dedicated supervisor. Subsequent to the workshop the realization phase starts. During this phase the participants work autonomous on a chosen problem and continue their project management tasks in teams of at least two members. The project has to be documented in a written report and a presentation about it must be held. Furthermore a mid-term presentation has to be given about the gained experience with regard to the used project planning tools. The experience is discussed with the other project group.

The students are working autonomous on the chosen problem. The results are documented in a written report and at the end of the module, a presentation about the problem must be held.


Own project ideas are welcomed!

Lecture Leistungselektronik I and eventually Regelungstechnik I

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