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Power and Data transmission over aircrafts DC networks

The aerospace industry is moving towards a more electric aircraft (MEA) or even an all-electric aircraft (AEA) by replacing the hydraulic and pneumatic existing systems via more flexible electrical ones, with low maintenance and operating costs. However, this concept will lead to increase the wiring length, complexity and space allocation, which will affect the aircrafts weight that can significantly impact the polluting emissions.

In order to reduce the total harness mass, several possible solutions are being investigated such as flying-by-light using optical fibres or flying-by-wireless through removing the wired medium, but still such solutions have obvious drawbacks to achieve aeronautic standards compliancy in terms of safety and reliability.

Nevertheless, transmitting data signals over the existing power electronics devices and harness, which are already compliant with the EMC aeronautic standards, seems to be a potential solution to be implemented for airborne uses.

This project will investigate the feasibility of a communication power electronic-based solution on safety-critical aircraft systems in terms of respecting their real time constraints, throughput and signal integrity, and also meeting the EMC standard of the whole channel, since the Data signals will operate in a frequency band which is seen as unwanted radio frequency from the standards point of view.

The overall objective of the project is to develop a low latency high reliable solution which can transmit and collect deterministic data while being complied with the DO-160G.


• Modelling, analysis and characterisation up to 100 MHz of the channel power electronics devices and harness.

• Inspecting different wiring approach

• Investigating different coupling circuit topologies.

• Inspecting the feasibility of simplex, half-duplex (HDX) and full-duplex (FDX) communication channels topologies.

• Investigating different digital modulation techniques.

• Reaching Compliance with the aeronautics standards DO-160G (emission and susceptibility)

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