Pavel Makin

Pavel Makin M.Sc.


Fraunhoferstr. 4
64283 Darmstadt

Raum: S3|21 309

Power semiconductor gap switch for particle accelerator

Today, there are few options to control beam impedance. It was decided to develop device which will be capable of handling a high voltage and can turn on and off faster than a switch used right now (name in process: High Voltage Fast semiconductor Switch or HVFSS).

When the cavities are not in use switches, will short-circuit the gaps to strongly reduce their impedance and, as a consequence, the voltage induced by the beam. It is crucial to reduce impedance for a beam stability. Principal schematic of the system is shown on a figure 1. There will be a gate driver, balancing circuit and of course a switch which contains at least 30 MOSFETS.

Fig.1 Principal Schematic for the system

Main purposes of the project:

- Research in effect of particle radiation on a semiconductor devices

- Research in EMC for semiconductor devices in resonant circuits

- Development prototype version of HVFSS.

- Development of a mathematical model for a gap switch with respect to irradiation and EMC

- Development series of switches which could be installed in particle accelerator SIS100

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