Fault tolerant VSI for drives and its control (Errabelli)

Fault tolerant VSI for drives and its control

PhD student: R. Errabelli

Supervisor: P. Mutschler

State: finished by PhD Thesis in 2012

For interlinked production processes, as in modern industrial processing plants, a fault in a single drive can result in tremendous damages of materials and machines. Follow -up costs due to faults with drives in modern production plants can amount to huge sums. Therefore, fault -tolerance will be a highly interesting feature for modern drive solutions.

In the research project, fault tolerant inverters for drives are systematically designed and analyzed. The inverter has to tolerate arbitrary single faults in

  • the power section,
  • in the signal processing and
  • in the sensors.

Different topologies and methods have to be compared and the most promising solution has to be realized in hard- and software in an experimental set -up. The ability to tolerate faults is to be proven by theory and by experiment.